Collin Headshot.jpg

If you can see it - I can shoot it!

My name is Collin, and ever since I was fortunate enough to find myself on a trip to Ireland with a new point and shoot camera at age 14, I've been hooked on photography.

Why the name Tangible Planet?

Because it’s everything, which is exactly what I want to shoot! The tangible world around us is full of emotion and information, and by photographing it, we’re able to capture some of the most real, yet intangible aspects of life!


If I'm not shooting for a client, I'm shooting for fun.

I love how photography changes the way you see the world, how it makes you focus on the intrinsic detail of things, the pattern of the bark on a tree, or the way the sunlight reflects off a surface. I truly love photography. I have fun on every project; being a photographer was and still is my dream job.

I’m here to get you awesome photos!

My clients are my priority, and I take what I do very seriously. I work diligently to make sure you have an easy-going, stress-free experience and go home with some amazing shots!


What are we shooting?

Whether it's a a wedding, a new product, a performance, a portrait or a cheeseburger, I aim to exhibit its highest tangible form; and to draw out aspects of it that may not be readily noticed.

Photography is unique in that it relies on the world around the tool. The art is hidden somewhere in the interplay between the photographer, the camera, and the subject.

I am hired to find it.