My prices are per job (unless otherwise agreed upon). Once the job is complete, you will receive all the best photos in high resolution format, no strings attached! They’re yours to keep and do with what you like!

It is very important to me that my that my clients get exactly (if not more than) what they are paying for. I don’t stress small details like a little extra time on site or slightly farther travel, and I won’t pressure you into buying endless prints and add-ons.

In a world of unexpected fees and service charges, it is my desire to make sure my pricing is honest, fair, and upfront. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way, and it is my promise to you that I will always go the extra mile!


Live Music with no ticket sales - $300

Live Music with ticket sales - contact to discuss pricing

Events (up to 5 hours of coverage & excluding weddings, quinceaneras, bar/bat mitzveh's & sweet 16's) - $500

Quinceaneras, Bar/Bat Mitzveh's & Sweet 16's (up to 6 hours of coverage) - $700

Family Portraits - $200

Engagement Photos - $200

Band Photos / Other Portraiture - $200

Longer / Shorter / All Day Events - contact to discuss pricing


6 Hours of Coverage - $1,750

8 Hours of Coverage - $2,000

12 Hours of Coverage - $2,500

Over 12 Hours, Multi-Day, or Destination - contact to discuss pricing

All wedding packages include the following goodies:

  • One photographer (if you desire a second shooter as well, please let me know in advance).

  • A truly FREE engagement session at a location of your choosing. No hidden fees or tricks! I take the photos, you get the photos! No watermarks or surprise charges!

  • All necessary editing & post-production.

  • One 12”x18” shiny aluminum print (or substitute a different style!).

  • A private online gallery to view/share your photos and purchase additional prints.

  • One stylish, custom-printed and/or engraved, wood encased USB flash drive containing your photos (or substitute a different style!).

  • One custom printed DVD backup disc in a stylish metal or canvas case containing your photos for long-term safe keeping.


DVD or Blu-Ray Slideshow

  • A personalized, printed, DVD or Blu-Ray disc that plays a clean, professional slideshow of your event’s images when inserted into the appropriate player. Slideshows can be customized with music and text. - $60


  • When you receive the link to your photos, you will be able to purchase prints of any photo right from the gallery! Its super easy and convenient! Prints are available in paper, canvas, and aluminum.

Other Types Of Prints

  • There are so many cool, unique ways to print your photographs. Aluminum and canvas are my two favorites, and are available right from your personal online photo gallery (see above) but if you would like something else that isn’t available there (such as prints on wood or custom sizes), chances are I can get it for you; just send me a message over on the contact page!

Need Something Else?

  • Have an unusual request or need something not listed here? That’s totally fine! Let me know what you need and we will work together to make sure you get everything you’re looking for!

I noticed that my prints are available as 8x12s and other slightly different sizes, what Happened To 8x10?

  • Cameras with a 35mm sensor shoot in a 3:2 aspect ratio (the ratio of the width to the height of an image). An 8x10 print is not suitable to accurately reproduce a photograph shot in 3:2, you will need to crop off the edges to make it fit. An 8x12 print fits this ratio perfectly, thus retaining the entire image as it was originally shot! It’s a slightly wider print but they look great, and I prefer them. However, if you would like a traditional 8x10, let me know before the shoot and I’ll make sure to allow enough space around the edges so nothing gets lost once it’s on paper (or metal, or canvas)!


Unfortunately, each video job is so different that I am unable to provide a price list for every type of video we could make; however, I can give you a starting point for certain jobs and I always strive to price my work reasonably.

Real Estate

  • The price of real estate videos varies by list price, square footage, and package options.

I offer two package options to accommodate your advertising budget:

Highlight Reel - starting at $300

  • A one to two minute video showcasing key elements of your listing.

    Comprehensive Tour - starting at $500

  • A 4-8 minute video which walks the viewer through every room of the house and gives a thorough overview of the exterior features of your property.

Real Estate Add-Ons

Environmental Text Effect - $50

  • A special effect in which text, images, or videos appear to be part of the 3D environment of the video, rather than on top of it. This can be used to display room sizes or specific features of your property.

Music Videos - starting at $550 and increasing based on complexity.

Promotional Videos / Advertisements / Other Work - contact to discuss pricing.

Portable Studio / Live Music Video

No recording? No problem! - NOW WITH THE ABILITY TO RECORD DRUMS!

  • My portable studio setup and background in music production and audio recording means that I can handle the entire process of getting your song recorded, all the way to filming and cutting your video! Every video should have good, clean sound, and we can do it right in your own house or any indoor location

In a band? Showcase your music with a high quality live music video!

  • I combine my background in music production and audio engineering with my videography services to create great live music videos!. Don’t settle for shaky phone videos with terrible audio! Showcase your hard work with a professional multi-camera video complete with high quality audio captured live, right at your gig!

    From festival stage to local pub, we can capture your music anywhere!

I offer my live music video services in 4 packages to fit any band’s budget (pro-audio recording included with all packages):

  • Basic Package - $300 - 1 camera on a motion slider to capture a wide shot of your band.

  • Standard Package - $600 - 2 main cameras: one wide, one close and a go pro on the drummer.

  • Total Package - $1000 - 3 main cameras: your choice of 2 close and 1 wide, or 2 wide and one close plus a go pro on the drummer and another go pro wherever you like it (backstage, ulta-wide audence shot etc…)

  • All-Out Package - contact to discuss pricing - As many cameras as you need.


Use of Fine Art Work - contact to discuss pricing.

Further Photo Manipulation / Touch-Up - starting at $10 per image

  • this includes things beyond tonal and color adjustments (which are always included with every job); such as cosmetic touch-ups, removal of objects, addition of text, etc...

Please note: photo manipulation/touch-up may vary in price more than other services due to the ranging degree of complexity involved. On rare occasions, some requests may not be possible due to the limitations of photo editing; however, the vast majority of requests can be fulfilled.

Please contact me for information regarding other types of work such as, but not limited to:

food, product, interior, or other business related photography.

Please note: all prices listed above are subject to variation in response to event details and extenuating circumstances; however, the majority of jobs are priced as shown.

A fee of $80 will be charged for travel over 120 miles up to 200 miles. Travel over 200 miles up to 300 miles will incur an additional $80 fee. Please contact me to discuss travel over 300 miles.

All prices include meticulous editing!